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RE: A novice's experiences with refilling

I have received several requests for details about the $7 centrifuge.  I
will send more precise descriptions and a picture to anyone who is
interested.  Without a picture I think it is too difficult to explain and I
am not very good at building diagrams in the plain text mode of this epson
list.  Please send me email direct as I don't always have time to read all
the posts to this list.

As some have mentioned the salad spinner idea, I thought I would offer some
comments about the differences.  First, even before I started with this idea
someone mentioned that it might be difficult to keep the cart in the correct
position (bottom perpendicular to centripetal force).  The device I designed
(and I use that term loosely) automatically keeps the cart in the correct
position.  Secondly, I don't know how fast a salad spinner can go with human
cranking - and for how long.  The device I designed can spin pretty fast
(about 1/3 of the max drill speed before serious vibration) for quite a long
time.    Someone wondered if this would damage a drill.  I use about a $50
Makita 3/8" variable speed drill and I have put much greater loads on the
drill for much longer times (running an emergency pump) without any problems
for years.  This device requires a little investment in time (going to Lowes
and locating the hardware was the biggest chunk of time) but it is far
superior to whirling the cartridge around on a string.

Barry bstein@tntech.edu

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