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Re: Cable

My supplier (no other connection) has a wide range of cables available.
While length is a definite issue, the type of shielding can play a bigger
part in data transmission.


As for the techs not acknowledging the importance of the cable, well ...
let's just say this, I know enough about cars/engines not to get 'taken' at
the mechanics, but I cannot 'repair' an engine myself. If you get the
distinction ;-)

HTH  -  Ann K

> "A shielded, twisted-pair parallel cable (6 to 10 feet long)...the cable
> must have a D-SUB, 25-pin, male connector for your computer and a 36-pin,
> Centronics compatible connector for the printer."
> Somewhere else I read that it should be "preferably 6 feet or less."
> It seems that it's very important to have the right cable.
> Question:
> 1.  Where, preferable on-line, can one purchase the right cable?
> note:  my local technicians don't take the cable seriously.  In my mind,
> seems to be a crucial issue.  And what I have is, I suspect, a generic
> cable.

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