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Re: print longevity testing

Henry Wilhelm seems to have made a general, unqualified statement that top
caots aren't effective. I say "seems" because I can't remember exactly what he
wrote. I just remember the thrust of the comment. I have 2 probelms with this:

1) In my applications, this has proven not to be true. So I disagree right off
the bat my evidence and his statement are at odds.

2) Is is my bigger problem, he should recognize his position in the industry.
His opinions and reports carry with them huge weight. As such, he as I
tremendous responsibility. By making a claim like that and not qualifying it
with which top coats were tests with what inks and paper, he has left the
opinion out there that this applies to all products. For all we know he did
test all products on the market. If so, end the speculation and say so. But if
not, it's simply not fair (because of his standing) for him to let this
statement hng out there. A lot of people are getting on Terrence and
challenging him to show his cards. But surely you can see the need for Henry to
do the same. He needs to back up his claims with full details. After, by
Terrence defending his product, he's not damaging anybody else. But Henry's
statement is damaging. In my book, at this point Henry has the greater

--- mclaughlin@infostrat.net wrote:
> Nevertheless, if Terrance Crowley has test results that back up his
> claims, we would all love to see them.  Wilhelm has published his data,
> putting it out for peer review and criticism.  True, he has not
> published his results on coatings in the same detail.  But again I say,
> Mr. Crowley, if you have test results, put them out there and if they
> stand up, the world (at least this small corner of it) will beat a path
> to your door. Other than opinions expressed on this list (which are not
> to be taken lightly), I have not heard of any rigorous criticism of
> Wilhelm's work from the industry. Am I missing something? Please tell
> me.  Lacking substantive, authoritative criticism or alternative data,
> we are left with Wilhelm's work as undisputed on an industry level.  
> Michael Greer wrote:
> > 
> > Remember, Mr Crowley did not post that note t this list. J. Artur posted
> it.
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