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Re: Excessive quoting

J. Arthur Davis" wrote:
> Why not set your browser so previous text is changed to a different
> color. That way when someone quotes within a post the new text will be
> black the old text would be blue or whatever color you set it for.

Um, I wouldn't want to suggest that ludites get special consideration on
this list, but a few of us don't read our mail with browsers. I log into
my internet provider on a dumb terminal and read my email with Unix
Mail. Doesn't know about fonts, doesn't know about colors, only knows about
ASCII text. "Knows" about HTML, but only sufficiently to extract the text,
display it on my screen, then (conscience-striken that it might have
withheld something from me that I wanted to see) presents the whole message,
HTML control code *and* text all over again.

(It's out of sympathy for us throwbacks to bygone eras as well as empathy for
the poor old clogged up Internet that Mitch repeats his often-ignored footer
pleading with contributers to turn off HTML in their browsers.)

dave f.


Dave Fanger (dfanger@world.std.com)
Please turn off HTML mail features. Keep quoted material short. Use
accurate subject lines. http://www.leben.com/lists for instructions.

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