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Re: mis inks and summerset paper

I'm using the MIS 6 color inkset on my 1200.  The 1200 puts down a lot more 
ink in the threequarter tones (around level 64 of 256) than other epson 
printers, and tends to bleed with most papers. The result is reduced contrast 
and detail.  I've tried about 20 papers to find ones that work.  One solution 
is to use the 720 dpi setting , which puts down less ink.  Microbanding does 
increase, though.  For Matt and watercolor papers I use the Photo Quality 
Inkjet paper setting in the driver.  This may put down more ink than the 
other settings, but I find that crossovers are less. This is important when 
doing B&W prints.

Papers that work well with this inkset at 1440 dpi are Lysonic standard fine 
art, Lysonic matte, Mediastreet Royal Push, and Royal Weave.  Epson 
heavyweight matte works fairly well, but will bleed a bit in some cases.  In 
spite of this I use it a lot because it gives better blacks than the lysonic 
matt.  If bleeding is unacceptable I switch to the lysonic for that image.  
Epson Photo quaility inkjet paper and photo paper don't bleed either.  From 
postings, I suspect that Mediastreet pigmented inks may bleed less than MIS, 
but I haven't tried them yet.  When the MIS runs out I will.

In all cases, with tweeks to the driver settings, and and general and local 
increase of contrast in Photoshop, I'm getting prints that closely match 
epson ink's colors on these papers, though I should add that my photos 
generally don't tax the outer limits of the color gamut much.  I did put the 
epson black cart back in though, as I posted earlier.  Mis black just doesn't 
give good blacks.  I tried Mediastreet beta black with the MIS colors, and 
this was a significant improvement.  Try it.  Epson Black is best.  I think 
with good profiles, colors would be even better, but EZColor did not work 
with my scanner; the shadows were blocked and very red.  I'm waiting for an 
epson 1600 to try again.

Off the top of my head, some bleeders were Concord Rag, Somerset velvet and 
photo enhanced, Osprey, Arches hot press, and Redtail.  When testing, I also 
printed a stepped greywedge, 5 levels per step.  When the steps disappeared 
it was clear there was a problem and where on the tonal scale it was.  In 
some cases, wet ink was visable on the surface of the print when it was done.

On glossy paper,  getting good prints is more difficult because of the dusty 
pigment buildup on the surface.  Other than the epson photopaper,  most 
glossy papers I've tried bleed or reticulate in the threequarter tones.  
Still looking for other glossys to try.  Anyone got suggestions?

Hope this helps.

Tom Wells
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