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Editorial: People Leaving The List

Ever since this list started, one thing has consistantly bugged me. That being
people annoucing their intention to leave the list in an unfriendly manner,
then listing all of the reasons why.
- too much traffic
- too much noise
- too many "wars'
- not enough substance
- not enough value
- not organized well enough

etc. Typically (though not always), these types of annoucenments come from
those who have sparingly participated. The one that really gets me is the
announcement from a subscriber who rarely posted anything but claims hasn't
found enough information to justify him remaining. Well, how about asking the
list for information on what it is you're interested in? 

But my real issue is why the unflattering annoucement? Just unsubscribe. I can
certainly understand the guy who's been around for a while helping people,
growing his/her knowledge base, and contributing as much in return. who decides
it's time to move on. People might miss that guy/lady. So it is out of respect
to those on the list that he/she makes a parting annoucement. Not one that
takes any shots. Just an announcement about him/her leaving. I completely
understand that. It's the, "I'm leaving because you guys stink" kind of
annoucements I'm talking about. Why are these necessary? Just leave.

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