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Osprey/canvas on the 9000/3000?

Hope this header caught your attention Jim Davis, although any other
help much appreciated. I have been using Osprey on my EX and it prints
well. I am considering the 3000 and or the 9000 (all going well at the
bank) for the giclee market. I know you have both printers. Does the
9000 lay down more ink than the 3000; that is does the Osprey paper
receive the ink differently from the two machines?

Also I would appreciate your recommendations for a slightly heavier
slightly textured paper that works on both machines. Something like
Arches cold press 140 lb. I can't get that to work on my EX. But I can
get it to work wonderfully on my HP 1120. I think any paper that works
on the 9000 is the deciding factor for me i.e. it would take the heavier
load of the 6 color print process.

And Canvas! recommendations. What works? My first two inquiries to
artists yielded orders for prints done on canvas. I liked the samples
from Mile High Judy although my EX had a hard time grabbing them, they
printed beautifully. Any other suggestions? archival of course :)


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