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Re: 1st prints with Generations inks

"Murray & Irina Zaharia" <zaharia@direct.ca> wrote:
> I routinely put 300 gsm Canson watercolor paper
> through my Ex with no problem and it is very stiff.
> I can put about 25 in the auto feeder and it
> will print every last one by itself. (after I hit
> the print button, of course).  ;-)

:(  Maybe the paper transport of the Ex handles
thicker paper than the 700.  That sucks if it's true
(pardon my poor english).  The 700 wouldn't feed the
310gsm Lyson at all, nor the 16mil (0.4mm?) G2 inkjet
canvas, and the Lyson 210gsm rough caused the heads to
leak horribly!  I'm really doubtful that the Royal
Plush will feed, but the Royal Weave *might*.  All in
all it looks like half the sample papers in the G2 set
are useless to me.


"Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours."
Richard Bach, "Illusions"

Rob Geraghty
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