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Re: 1st prints with Generations inks

I routinely put 300 gsm Canson watercolor paper through my Ex with no
problem and it is very stiff. I can put about 25 in the auto feeder and it
will print every last one by itself. (after I hit the print button, of
course).  ;-)

Murray Zaharia

> Rafe (or anyone else with a 700 or Ex) what's the
> thickest paper you can reliably feed through your 700?
>  I just tried 310gsm Lyson last night and it wouldn't
> feed.  210gsm rough Lyson fed OK but on 1440dpi I got
> horrible black stains on the print like th black print
> head was leaking.  At 360dpi the same paper printed ok
> but with banding in the dark areas.
> Rob

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