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Re: Ultrasonic Refill (was: Newbie 1200 Refiller Gets Lucky?)

> I doubt using it without water is a problem, but it DOES heat up (it'll
> up water, too) so we turned it on only for the minute or two we were
> actually filling a given chamber.  Maybe if it was left on for hours.....
> The unit we have is a Bransonic 220.  Its at least 10 years old, there's
> probably no manual around here.  There is a little warning label on it
> use with flammable liquids (duh) but nothing about no-water use.
> I suppose one could use it with water, but then you'd have to worry about
> water leaking into the cart through the exit hole tape, and who needs any
> more hassle?

I'm actually surprised it works at all without water.  Usually a fluid is
needed to spread the vibrations from the transducer throughout the area of
the bath container.  I would expect it to work much better with water.
Usually the heating problem is in the tranducer--not the bath.  These are
not designed for continuous use.  Many have thermostats built in to prevent

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