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RE: Expected Life of Epson Ink + Archival Paper??

--- Laurie Solomon <laurie@advancenet.net> wrote:
> As for your comments about people on this liost needing to get out in the
> "real world." I find thqat to be a very arrogant statement and am surprised
> to hear it coming from you.  I gave you more credit than that.  Your real
> liffe experiences as well as that of others are as valid as are those of the
> people whio disagree with you.  They also live in and are a part of the
> "real world" you refer to.  

Well, since we're all getting messy, why stop now? ;-) Anyway, Laurie, I'm not
sure J. Arthur was refering to you. But it seems clear to me that most of the
people on the opposite side from me on this issue have never actually sprayed
inkjet prints themselves and evealuated them over time. Why do I believe this?
Because no one has commented on their personal experiences except for those of
us that think it is effective. Every post I've read of people who've actually
done it claim that top coating is very effective in their applications for the
length of time they've observed the print(s). I keep reading theory and getting
advised to consult this reference or that reference based on this expert or
that that council's written opinion. But I and others have personal experience
with top coating effectiveness, at least in the relatively short term. (less
than 3 years for me). But that experience is actual *real life* experience. Not
some assumed to be accurate accellerated test. In my real life experiences (and
ones that I've read from others with actual experience), top coated prints tend
to blow the doors off uncoated prints, irrespective of anybody's theory.

As to your previous point about top coating destroying prints. That makes sense
to me. I can certainly see the possibility/probability. But what if it's the
top coat that allows the print to last long enough for the top coat to damage
it? For example, let's say a top coated print lasts 20 years before the top
coat starts to damage the print. But an unprotected prints last only 10-15
years before it's hopelessly faded. Yes, the top coat damaged the print. But
the top coat also gave you 5 more useful years. Of course this is
hypothectical, but the point is that we have to look at these thing relative to
the alternative. If my experiences showed me that my top coated prints and my
unprotected prints looked about the same after the same time.exposure, then I
probably wouldn't do it.

What has some what irritated me is that regardless of what those of us who have
done it and continue to do it say about our personally observed experiences, we
get reffered to lab reports saying that we're wrong by people *who seem* not to
have done it themselves. In effect, they're either telling us our eyes are not
seeing what they see, or we're all liars. Either one is an offense.

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