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RE: Expected Life of Epson Ink + Archival Paper??

Here's my experience with Epson ink fading:

	Last May I printed a dozen 8x11 prints on my 740 (4-colour) printer
using Epson Photo Paper and OEM ink, matted them (no glass), and hung them
on the walls of my shaded little cottage. In less than two months they had
faded badly - even the blacks had gone green. It was a hot, humid summer
and I was looking after two cats, whose litter box always seemed to give
off traces of ammonia. I reprinted and rehung the pictures in July, the
cats left in August, and now, 7 months later, the prints are still intact.
Are cats dangerous to the health of naked Epson prints, or was it the lower
temperature and humidity of the fall and winter, or was it because the new
prints were done on Epson Improved Photo Paper? Too many factors to keep
track of. Incidentally, I have seen no evidence of fading in Epson prints
stored loose in file folders in the dark for up to 3 years, but that's not
very long.

Roger Smith

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