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scanning info for list photographers

Rafe Wrote:

> What I would _love_ to see is a scanning back
> that can use standard 35 mm optics from, say,
> Canon or Nikon.  The technology exists, and is
> cheap:  it would really be a simple adaptation
> of existing pro-sumer grade 35 mm film-scanner
> designs.  You'd need to scan the CCD array 
> instead of the film, and you'd need the lens
> focused at infinity.
> Of course, this system would have all the limititions
> of large-format and medium-format scanning backs,
> but you'd think that such a product could be brought
> to market for $2K or even less.  I predict it would
> have one hell of a following.  I'd buy it tomorrow.
> Hell, I've been tempted to buy a cheap or used 
> film scanner and see if I can re-engineer it to
> do just that.

About five years ago, Leif/Scitex started selling their Lumina camera which
is what you are looking for. It takes Nikon lenses, is a scanning camera
with 2700 dpi sensor. Yields files about 26 meg in size. Has through the
lense viewing. However, it must be tethered to a computer. Depending on
lighting,  scans take from as little as a minute on up. It has a D-max range
of 3.0

I bought it when it first came out for about $6,000. Used it primarily as a
multi-format transparency scanner. Also did occasional studio shots with it.
Today I use it for some direct scanning of paintings for reproduction
purposes. It still does a reasonably good job, but technology has advanced
in terms of scanning chips. I wish that I could just plug a new, higher
resolution chip in.

Scitex was hoping to sell a lot of these cameras, but they didn't seem to
have the proper marketing to do it right. 

I bet if you did some snooping you could probably buy a used Lumina for that
$2,000 you are looking to spend. They came with PC and Mac PhotoShop

Regarding taking a cheap flat-bed scanner and trying to make a camera out of
it--good luck! Being a EE you should realize, it ain't that simple. If it
were, some "pin-head" ;-) would be bragging about it on many lists by now.
Sort of like the "bulk ink" delivery systems for the small Epson printers.

John Nollendorfs

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