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Re: Use of black ink on Epson Photo EX

	Thanks for your help Gary. I'm using the Epson RIP on my EX
and will try various output using CMYK profiles and see what happens.

	James W.


>In general that's a question for someone else, but in the context of 
>Epson printers, it doesn't matter--the printer prints with CMYK inks
>(including light cyan and magenta, in the case of the 6-color ones),
>so the only way you could directly control black ink usage (at the
>expense of CMY) would be to bypass the Epson RGB driver and
>control CMYK output directly--RIPs are the software that can make
>that possible.  (But the complexity of doing this is more than the
>casual user is likely to be interested in--and it would take a lot
>of ink savings to pay for the software.)
>Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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