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Re: Stylus Pro 9000 ( was RIPs (was: ...ejects too soon))

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000 16:47:50 PST, you wrote:
> Hoping I can speed things up without going back to 
>the Fiery. Maybe a RIPserver is necessary? Any comments or suggestions? I 
>have 128M RAM,if that's significant.

I think that your 128mb of RAM is insufficent for a 100+mb  file - the
system will definitely be using your hard disk to make up. I esitmate
that to handle that in RAM alone you probably need from 3 times to  5
times the file size plus maybe 40 to 50 mb for operating sytem.  

Check your hard disk for a) space b)defragmentation. If possible use a
SCSI hard disk rather than an EIDE this speeds up things seriously. I
had notice a speed increase of 30 to 40% when using PS when I put in a
SCSI 3 hard disk. I suppose I could do even better if I put in a
second SCSI drive and use this as the scratch disk. Alteranative if
you have 2 EDIE hard disk - I do not know if 2 disks on separate EIDE
bus will work similar to the SCSI disks.



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