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Re: Use of black ink on Epson Photo EX

At 08:39 PM 1/23/2000 -0600, James W. McCandless wrote:
  >	The Printer seems to stop printing when any one of the 5 color
  >inks are depleted, this seems to waste a lot of ink and from what I've
  >seen drives up the cost quite a bit. It also seems that even though
  >the black ink is more expensive that it contains more then any single
  >color of the 5 color cartridge.

Yes, it probably does do this, but at least from watching the Epson
status monitor, the colors get used up at pretty much the same rate
in ordinary photographic use.  (This would obviously not be true if
your subjects all tended to use the same color range.)  I've never
noticed a big obvious difference in the amount of ink left in the various
colors when I change cartridges.  (I just pulled out a pile I have lying
around in ziploc bags, and they all look pretty much the same to me.)
You can get around this problem by using one of the big Epson
printers like the 3000, which has separate cartridges for CMYK,
but it involves other compromises (including a lot of money.)

  >	You use the term CMYK RIP, are there other RIPS? such as 

In general that's a question for someone else, but in the context of 
Epson printers, it doesn't matter--the printer prints with CMYK inks
(including light cyan and magenta, in the case of the 6-color ones),
so the only way you could directly control black ink usage (at the
expense of CMY) would be to bypass the Epson RGB driver and
control CMYK output directly--RIPs are the software that can make
that possible.  (But the complexity of doing this is more than the
casual user is likely to be interested in--and it would take a lot
of ink savings to pay for the software.)

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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