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Re: Dirty print heads on SC 800

Rob Wurgler wrote:

> My Stylus Color 800 has a lot of mileage on it, and over
> the years the carriage and print heads have accumulated
> gobs of ink. That ink is now transferring onto my pages
> as I print...looks really bad.  Does anyone have any advice
> for cleaning the gunk off the carriage?

In response, I offer the following repost,
from September 1999, in the thread "Somerset - Dust"

-- Ben Haskell


Assuming that your dust comes from contaminated printing heads,
running the cleaning utility activates a squeegee that "should" wipe
any residue off the print head.

A more extreme wipe off that works with the ESC800 (the ESC1520 may
have a similar design).

1. Turn off the printer power; the print head should park over the
cleaning pads.

2. Switch paper thickness to "+".

3. Roll a paper towel a few times to get a thick 0.5 inch wide strip
(about 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick), trim off excess towel. I prefer
Bounty, Viva has more lint. Moisten the towel strip with distilled
water. Place in the trough underneath the printing path.

4. Locate a white plastic lever on a rod behind (and a little
beneath) the print head carrier, rotate lever down (unlocks the
print head carrier from its parking position).

5. Manually slide print head carrier over the moist paper towel
strip. Switch paper thickness lever to "O". Slide carrier back and
forth over towel.

6. Park carrier back over the cleaning pads.
   Move white lever back to the normal locking position.
   Turn power back on.

For other Epson models (eg., ESC740), there is no locking lever.
Press paper advance button once, paper advances just a little, while
print head carrier moves towards your left, pull the power plug.
Turn power button off. Then work with moist paper towel as described
above. When you are done, manually park the carrier over the
cleaning pads. Replug the cord, turn power button back on. If you
don't do the last three steps, the printer may make grinding noises
as the print head carrier moves back and forth. Usually you should
never turn off the Epson by pulling the plug; this is an exception
to the rule.

This cleaning technique is complimentary to Tomcat's soak the
cleaning pads with windex trick. Windex would work on dried ink
deposits which redissolve in the windex. The paper towel works on
solids that can't dissolve.

Tham Kok Leongs Digital Darkroom Site has yet another method of
manually moving the print heads over the squeegee:.

-- Ben Haskell


Dorothy Cutter wrote:
> The day after I printed some Somerset Velvet Enhanced on my 1520, I
> printed some heavy glossy paper and the print was covered with what
> could best be described as dust.  I ran several cleaning cycles and I
> still have it. It is in the print not on the surface. Could the paper
> have left some residue on the print heads?  I am hoping it will go
> away.  Any ideas??  Dorothy-
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