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Re: Use of black ink on Epson Photo EX

At 06:59 AM 1/23/2000 -0600, James W. McCandless wrote:
>	I was wondering if anyone on the list knows how to make the
>Photo EX printer use more black ink and less of the CMY combo?  it
>seems that the black ink cartridge lasts forever. I use about 6 color
>to 1 black . I would seem that there would be a cost savings involved
>as the black is much larger then the color.

Sure, just print using all black ink  :>)  Sorry, couldn't resist.  I'm sure
someone else will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this is
possible without using a CMYK RIP.  The Epson driver expects RGB
input, and it (not you) then controls where to use black to supplement 
or replace CMY.  In any event, it is not obvious that there would be any
particular cost savings, because the black cartridges cost as much
or more than the 5-color ones, and I don't believe they contain more
total ink than a color one--so the "cost per ounce" may actually be more 
for the black ones.  

FWIW, I only use about 3 or 4 color cartridges to one black one--
probably varies with subject matter.  I did try printing B&W photos
using black ink only and didn't like the results much.  (Not enough
nozzles and not enough tones, evidently.)  This has been reported to
work better with newer printers like the 1200.  (More nozzles, maybe?)

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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