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Re: OT: scanning info for list photographers

Jim, what do you do to make this possible? Very high res
scanner? Interpolation in scanner? In Photoshop?


"J. Arthur Davis" wrote:
> Mark:
> I have a customer that spends his spring vacations in the southwest
> taking photos of all types of flowers and landscapes. He shoots only
> with a 35mm camera. All his work is shot on E6 film, both Kodak and
> Fuji. I have been printing 16x20 prints on 17x22 glossy photo paper
> using an Epson 3000 and Generation Inks. The images are as good as any
> true photo print that I have ever seen. No they do not match Cibachrome
> Prints directly but are as good as any P3 Prints printed by any lab.
> It is possible to shoot exclusively on 35mm if that is all you have
> available. Larger format film is always better to start with, but you
> should not allow yourself to get into the trap of not shooting just
> because you only have a 35mm camera.
> Jim Davis
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