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Re: O.T.

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From: Genevieve Roudiez <groudiez@capecod.net>
Subject: O.T.

> Dear List Members:
>  I have met people on this list
> who have changed my life and would hate to give up the daily learning
> opportunity because of those few who can't keep their quarrels to
> themselves.
> Genevieve

Well, Genevieve, I think the key phrase in your whole message is:  'KEEP THEIR
QUARRELS TO THEMSELVES'.  If people want to trash each other endlessly, then
they should do it privately.  Sadly, I think some of them NEED an audience.  Too

The only reason a list is a superior vehicle to discuss and learn is that you
don't put up with the garbage that you usually find on the newsgroups...and it
becomes, over time, like a family affair.

Your recourse is to simply apply a filter that sends the offending 'senders'
directly to the trash, and set your trash options to permanently delete when
closing the mail/browse program.  This works quite well, and really keeps blood
pressure at a lower level.  Life is too short to spoil it with this sort of

All my opinion...of course.

bob snow

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