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Re: blues

Dan Culbertson <danculb@concentric.net> writes on 22 January 2000 at 15:37:40 -0500

 > The scene was beautiful,
 > the photo horrid.  Someone posted the name of a film (either Agfa or Fuji)
 > that has two cyan layers and is supposed to solve this problem when I
 > mentioned it on the list but I lost the name.  Need to find it since
 > restoring  the cyan color to a bunch of tiny spots in a scan is an
 > unwelcome exercise in Photoshop's selective color feature (though it does
 > work).  And an over-all correction changes more than just the flowers and
 > cyan granite cliffs don't turn me on all that much.

Fuji Reala.  ASA 100.  VERY nice film indeed; it seems to me to be
saturated without jacking the contrast way up.  It has a reputation
for handling troublesome colors, and troublesome lighting conditions
(like mixed kinds of artificial light) much better than most films,
and it seems to me to do pretty well at those things.
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