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Re: hp's archival inks (was RE: OT: scanning info for listphotographers)

Sam A. McCandless <samcc@compuserve.com> writes on 22 January 2000 at 14:26:44 -0800
 > David -
 > Are the archival inks for hp's 2500Cs not available for any other hp 
 > printers? If I understand Wilhelm's reports, even without the 
 > archival inks, the hp 2500C prints were rated at 6 - 7 years under 
 > the specified conditions. But I can't tell whether those inks are the 
 > same as the inks in the 970Cs and in the 1220 Cs to come?

There is only one HP inkset available for the 890/1120 printers to my
knowledge; and it doesn't have particularly good permanence.  What
they're putting in the new printers, I have no idea.  It'd be just my
luck that they start manufacturing permanent OEM inks just as I leave
them behind!

7 years doesn't satisfy me;  I think of 30 as the minimum to take
seriously.  This is probably silly of me; but I feel that way anyway.
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