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Re: Color vs. Black ink use

<x-flowed>>My Epson 1200 has just reached the point where I'm seeing an ink-low
>indication (flashing ink light) for the first time.  Since there's
>been some discussion of whether the color and black cartridges are
>measured separately, I thought I'd mention that I have *only* the
>color ink light flashing.
>And I must say that these are *tiny* little cartridges (I'm used to HP
>I've been printing pretty nicely with WiziWYG profiles, on
>Weber-Valentine JPG-206, Hawk Mountain Red Tail (except I'm never
>quite sure which side is the right side on this), Weber-Valentine
>HGC277 (I have trouble identifying the print side on this, too, but
>the package is labeled; it seems to say the *inside* of the paper
>curve is the print side?), and Somerset Photo Enhanced.  I find I'm
>liking the matte papers considerably more than I expected.
>Late-breaking news: When I tried to print another page, the ink light
>(still color only) came on solid.  I'm going to be putting in my first
>set of Generations cartridges.  How many pages until I'm sure that's
>what I'm printing with?  I wouldn't want to profile for an ink
It's my understanding that 3 cleaning cycles will clear the print 
head and delivery tubes in the Epson 1200.

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