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Re: rafe b-generations inks

Not satisfied with the blacks with the MIS pigmented inkset, I got some beta 
black from Mediastreet.  Beta is considerably blacker.  I noticed that the 
deepest black was at level 5, not 0.  I think that the pigment sits on the 
surface and creates a microscopically rougher surface that appears lighter.  
Dye based ink leaves little or nothing on the surface.  More ink with 
pigmented ink isn't blacker.  The output sliders in the levels box in PS can 
help to limit the amount of ink laid down.  But this is less than 
inconvienient.  Any other tonal corrections will change this setting so it 
must be done last just before printing.

Today I put in an OEM black cartridge.  What a difference!  Deeper blacks 
with better shadow detail.  It compliments the MIS inks well.  I noticed that 
level zero has none of the dusty pigmented look, leading me to believe that 
the epson driver uses only black ink at level zero.  If CM and Y were there 
too it should appear dusty.

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