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Re: how to seam a poster?

<x-flowed>>From: TMorris862@aol.com
>But you know if I could come up with a way to seam ( glue together 2 prints)
>into a larger poster then I may have some more customers.
>Hey you never know who reads this list if somebody has done this sort of
>stuff post away!

I've done this using a dry-mount press, with moderate success. It is 
excruciatingly difficult to make a seam that doesn't show! My first 
attempt shows visible seams from across the room, my second, you have 
to be within a few feet and looking for them.

Since then, I've learned that I should be pre-heating my prints 
before seaming, so perhaps my third attempt will be better. I'm using 
an old Seal 150 I got used for $100.

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