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Re: Networking an 870

Sure, this could be done, but it would be slow if run over
Localtalk. On a 10baseT ethernet network it would be better.
On 100baseT ethernet it would be like sitting in front of
the other Mac, very fast. In short, you'd still need a
network; so whether the program sharing is superior to using
an ethernet adapter on the printer depends on the cost of
the adapter, whether someone else is using the Mac running
Photoshop, how much RAM is available, etc.


John Lasruk wrote:
> I haven't tried this, but couldn't the scanner work attached to the older
> Mac if program linking was turned on? One could use Photoshop in the
> older Mac then save the file either on the older computer and transfer it
> over, or save to the G4 directly. If someone wants to disabuse me of this
> quaint notion, I'm open to corrections.
> John
> pam niedermayer <pam_pin-@cape.com> wrote:
> original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/epson-inkjet/?start=42084
> > The easiest way is also the most expensive. Get a small hub,
> > get ethernet adapter for the printer, make a little ethernet
> > network, piece of cake.
> >
> > You probably won't be able to share the scanner. As I recall
> > this is the very old one that's SCSI based, so you'll have
> > to either buy a SCSI card for the G4 or attach it to the
> > 200; but there's nothing there to share, so regular file
> > sharing won't do the job. You could buy Timbuktu, one
> > license for each Mac, then control either from the other.
> >
> > This could also be used for the printer, but is slower and
> > more hassle than just using Printer Share, which you set up
> > by installing the printer on one Mac, on which you also turn
> > on Printer Share, comes with the OS.
> > --
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