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Re: Profiles+Generations

In a message dated 1/20/00 8:05:45 AM, rafeb@channel1.com writes:

>Just wondering...
>Is it reasonable to expect that a profile
>can "fix up" or otherwise improve the pale
>blacks and deep shadows from the standard
>Generations ink set?
>In general, I like what I get from Generations
>ink on Epson media (or Hahnemuhle Photo-Matte)
>but the deep shadows are pale -- as reported
>by many others.
>Question is: is this an appropriate job for
>Wiziwyg (or some other profiling package) or
>is this beyond its normal application?
>I'm not certain how a profile can make an
>ink set print "blacker."  I haven't tried it,
>though.  Wondering if others have tried, and
>if so, with what success.

The standard Epson RGB drivers control how black is generated from the RGB 
file, so  an RGB profile has little leeway. CMYK profiles aren't limited to 
printing blacks with only 100% K, but can print them with whatever maximum 
CMYK combination the paper can hold, and can set the dark tones to match, 
offering the ability to adjust for "reversals" (sometimes adding a bit more 
ink makes it lighter not darker) and "casts" (but watch out Rafe, if you 
scanner has a limited d-range, it can't read the color of those very dark 
areas accurately, and might cause shadow casts)... but the bad news is that 
to access these features you need not only a good CMYK RIP, but advanced 
profiling software to control the black channel elements.

The simple solution is to stick to inks that work well under the RGB drivers 

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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