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Re: From the pioneer of Epson vacuum refilling

Dirk Engelhardt wrote:
> I have been absent from the list for a while. I have made some important
> changes in my single syringe vacuum refilling method and re-subscribed to
> pass it on to anyone interested. And as I can see from all the posts,
> effective and reliable refilling is still on everyone's mind.
> Here is the link to the New "ultimate" Ultimate Refilling Method:
> www.netidea.com/engel/ultimate.htm
> Dirk

Forgive me Oh Refilling Diety.

In three recent threads the following dialog has occured.

Rafe called Tomcat the leader of the refill camp.

I was deeply hurt and offended, and angrily called Tomcat the "Pretender
to the Throne", while elevating myself to "Supreme Lord of Refilling". I
thought that you were absent and that I could get away with it (I was
hoping that I could bait and rile Tomcat, but no dice, he has played it
cool so far, or I missed it).

But all of us refilling gurus know that you are the true "Pioneer of
Vacuum Refilling" (as anyone who visits http://come.to/digitaldarkroom
knows). Forgive my hubris.

-- Ben Haskell, your awe inspired disciple.
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