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Great mounting tapes and papers source

Well I have been around tape a long time. the Stuff from 3M is the top dog 
the VHB (very high bond strength ) tapes can cost like $30 a roll!

I just tested a tape from guess who Tapeworks they have been around for 30 
years. man this is a very very very high peel tape!  over 100 OZ per inch of 

The tape is  C01163  it is a stock tape that is cut to order.

Call them at 800-752-1125 or fax at 610-264-5241 Atten Randy 

This tape is great for presentation stands as I can put together a custom 
stand to hold my custom signs ( printed on a 1520) in just minutes! Making a 
stand for like cheap is a great way to sell a not so cheap sign!

The Rexam JSO 36 coated paper is great I can print on it at 360 DPI with not 
a trace of banding all other papers needed 720 DPI and this take like 3 to 4 
times as longer to print at 720 DPI!

They also have a DMPG series of paper that sound even better!


                The truth is out there sticky tape is better!
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