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Re: feed systems a 2 stage setup?? Off topic response no just adummy one

  to:Pam Niedermayero:

In a message dated 00-01-19 20:31:38 EST, you flamed

 > You see the reason you have seen so much vapor news ( and my news or 
 > may apperar as such to those of you who have no clear idea of the resources
 > required to producce and market anything) about both refill kits and feeds
 > systems is that nothing comes to market cheap guys and gee I just do not 
 > like an extra $10,000 or $20,000 to put into this right now ! For me I much
 > rather like expanding my sports and photo banners as I really have 
 > here!
 You have severely understated the experience of the people
 on this list. I can name 10 or so who've already brought
 many products to market, including me, raising a lot more
 than $15k. Tired of this excuse. Not that you're required to
 bring a product to market; but if you aren't going to do it,
 let's stop hearing this crowing, crying wolf, calling all of
 us inexperienced dummies. If you aren't going to do it,
 please stop providing all this extra reading material. Pick
 another topic. When your product is ready, if it gets done,
 let us know, we all have a vested interest in your success,
 as that will make our lives easier.
 How can you say that? J. Arthur Davis says he approached you
 a year ago with time and money to spend getting your product
 to market.
 Another gross understatement of the talents, intelligence,
 and willingness to work hard. Why is this necessary? Are we
 having a little ego problem? :


Pam did it ever occur  to you that at the time I got Emailed from Mr Davis i 
was not in postion to enter into an agreement like gee it happens all the 

And gee when was the last time you posted like 100 or so answers to folks 
asking for help here?? I have done so and Unlike you I  do share some but not 
all of my sources and skills By the way Pam do you have any skills other than 
you weak brained postings?

And yes dear Pam you really do sound rather brain limited so TomCat will not 
respond to your rather weak postings But like if you do have soooooo much 
money and such a superior brain dear Pam you will go out and market your own 
kit,,,man what a joke you are.

You are one of those folls who wants it all  and you just do not seem to 
realize you are not the center of the universe my dear at least not to me! 

Oh yes Pam dear just hit the delete button when you see my name ( I sure will 
when I see your name) beacuse you see Pam dear lots of folks do like reading 
what I post .

Unlike you I have actaully helped folks on this list but for you Pam dear 
well sorry I just can't put you in the center of universe! 

You see Pam dear even Edison took a few years to get it ( light bulb ) 
right..so  just chill!!

Oh if you are a dummy ( and so far it looks like you are) then sorry I do 
recall including myself in this list too!!  But you know I stopped being a 
dummy why don't you try it someday!


               The truth is out there some.... folks just can never be 
                              Pam sure seems like one! Sorry but this will 
not get a follow up!
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