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Re: Archiva in 3000/Mr. Zaharia

At 02:53 PM 1/19/00 -0600, you wrote:
>The dilution is your problem!!!
>Murray is using 1 to 7 dilution with 99% Isopropyl. I use 1 to 6 dilution
>with 91% in my 900. The 1 to 9 dilution is not adequate. When I loaded the
>printer with straight ink, I also got a fuzzy nozzle check, but most obvious
>was the lack of middle-tone densities. I got good blacks and whites, but the
>middle tones were weirded out!
>I believe you are trying a lot of things at once, and then acting surprised
>when everything doesn't work as anticipated. Loading the small carts is a
>bit of art & technique by itself.
>I don't understand why you chose the 1 to 9 dilution? This would be a major
>reason for your poor printing results.

You're absolutely right; too much going on at
once.  New ink, learning to refill, having
to play amateur chemist... etc.  All that,
and trying to have a life, as well.

First batch used 1:6 or so, and prints were very 
washed-out and pale (un-profiled, that is.)  With
profiles, the prints were quite a bit better.
That's why I decide to back off on the dilution.

Of course, when you're metering 24 cc of ink and
4 cc of alcohol, a tiny error in the 4 cc 
measurement can be critical.

Due to all the problems "priming" that first set
of carts, they didn't last long at all (most of the
ink was lost in cleaning cycles, I suspect.)  So
I only got a handful of prints from that first 
pair of cartridges.

I'll try again, maybe some time soon.  I needed
a break from the madness, so I'm working with
some Generations ink I purchased several weeks
ago (pre-filled cart.)  Right off the bat, this
ink seems much more trouble-free and closer to
what I'm used to seeing from Epson media, even 
without profiles.

rafe b.

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