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<x-flowed>We have been using the MediaStreet generations inks on several watercolor 
papers (plain and digital) and we are very satisfied with the results

Antonio Parodi
Centro de Arte Contemporaneo/Caracas
Atelier Digital

Mike Lee wrote:
>Have a client that just bought an Epson 9000 from us, that is a Photo Lab,
>looking for archival inks and media.
>They currently are looking at using the Lyson archival inks (but if you've
>got others that you'd recommend, he's open), and are looking for a
>watercolor paper, canvas, and photo glossy that would be suitable for
>archival (30 yrs+) purposes.
>Anyone currently using the 9000 in that regard, that can make any
>Thanking you in advance.
>Mike Lee
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