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Re: ANOTHER New approach to Refilling

At 03:00 PM 1/18/00 -0800, Murray Zaharia wrote:

> Now, a couple of questions.
> How much of the original foam should I put back in the cartridge - if any?
>What position should the foam go in? The front of the cartridge, rear, top.

> Any thoughts on the above? Anyone else want to give it a shot?

My idea, for what it's worth...

I kinda buy into the "negative pressure" idea that
another poster mentioned recently.  Ie., the sponge
is designed to counter the effect of gravity on the
ink flow  (also, to keep it from sloshing about.)

On that basis, I'd put the foam on the bottom of each
chamber, so that the ink has to flow through the
sponge on its way out.  The ink in the upper part
of the chamber can slosh all it wants, as long as
it doesn't slosh over into the next compartment,
or outside the cartridge.

rafe b.

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