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A new take on Windex flushings hey it woked for me

I  got a great way to get air out real fast if you have a air locked printed 
it can take hours to burp out the air but.......

  1- Cut off the top of a cartridges use a hachsaw in seconds it is off.

  2- Take out the sponge

  3- clean out all the chips

  4- insatll in the printer

 5- Using an eye dropper fill to about 1/4 inch ( no higher) above the screen 

 6- Quickly run 2 to 3 clean cycles


by: just filling to slightly about the screens you do not get drips I didn't

You can use an eye dropper to fill as the flush is used.

As long as you just run a clean the solution seems to stay in the cartridge 
even with the tops off!! I would not try to print with the top  off due to 
too much carriage movements!

Hey this way you get pure liquid with not a trace of air getting to the 

This seems to work with a lot of solutions but please be careful to test what 
ever solution first in a clear watch glass with the inks you are using if you 
see gunk form you are using the wrong stuff!

You could just slip in a piece of sponge to cover the chambers to stop slosh 
over and maybe you could print?

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