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Re: New approach to Refilling

At 03:24 PM 1/18/2000 -0000, Dan Mitchell wrote:
>Various ways of refilling are advocated on this list.  All seem to have
>problems.  Before any more agony can someone find out how Epson themselves
>do it.  I can't believe that they go thru tortuous vacuum methods, and cart.
>gymnastics when filling - it has to be a simple production line, ie
>automatic machine, probably very quick, method.

>It's not an X files case - someone find someone who knows someone who works
>in Epson, and get the facts please.

Good idea, if someone has such a contact.  However, they have the
advantage of assembling the cartridge when it is empty, and they 
get to put the sponge and the ink in themselves, in any order that 
suits them.  The knowledge is not necessarily going to help the rest 
of us (but I for one would still like to know.)

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

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