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Re: New approach to Refilling

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Dan Mitchell wrote:

> Various ways of refilling are advocated on this list.  All seem to have
> problems.  Before any more agony can someone find out how Epson themselves
> do it.  I can't believe that they go thru tortuous vacuum methods, and cart.
> gymnastics when filling - it has to be a simple production line, ie
> automatic machine, probably very quick, method.
> When I filled Lexmark carts. all I had to do was take the top off and inject
> the ink thru the same holes in an inner cover that Lexmark had used.  I
> never had any trouble with air/ink foam in the sponges.
> It's not an X files case - someone find someone who knows someone who works
> in Epson, and get the facts please.

IMO, this reasoning is not correct.  Epson
themselves have all the resources in the world
to fill ink carts properly.  I wouldn't be 
surprised if the machine/apparatus that does this
costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My guess is that they use a bell-jar.  The
entire (empty) cart is placed in a roughing
vacuum, so that the ink, when introduced
into the cart, fills it as completely as
possible.  This would also need some 
apparatus inside the bell jar to open/
close various vents and fill ports in
the proper sequence.  The bell jar is
probably large enough to hold many 
cartridges at once.  Just a guess!!!

I once had a look at the ink carts in a
small Canon desktop inkjet printer.
They seemed eminently reasonable in their
design.  There were two compartments for
each color.  One compartment held sponge,
and the other held liquid ink.  The
carts were all clearly visible, so that
you could judge by eye exactly how full
each color was.

I have been agonzing over "refill economics"
for several days now.  You've given me 
an interesting idea.  Forget about Epson.
Go with a brand that uses a more user-
friendly ink-delivery system.

Or screw these small Epsons, bite the
bullet, and get a 3000.

rafe b.

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