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Re: Calibration Softwares

<x-flowed>Any word when Horses might be releasing there scanner based profiling package?


>In a message dated 11/22/99 5:44:09 AM, khlo@yahoo.com writes:
>  >a) Prove it!
>Only calibrates monitors, but if you aren't purchasing a puck for monitor
>calibrati8on this program does a superior job of visula calibration. It may
>be capable of dealing with Windows systems that other software won't.
>  >
>  >b) Pantone Personal Color Calibrator
>I would not bother looking into Pantone's color management solutions.
>  >
>  >c) Monaco EZ color
>There should be a new version of this out soon, then compare price and
>features of that to the other soon to be released Windows programs below.
>  >
>  >d) Wyziwyg
>You'll have better luck searching for this program is you spell it as they
>do: WiziWYG. The Windows version of this should be out very soon, and be very
>comparable to the new version of EZ Color. Check the advanced features of EZ
>to see if they justify the added cost.
>  >
>  >e) Any other recommendation for personal use at affordable price (say less
>  >than US$500).
>A company called Horses should be releasing a scanner based profiling package
>that works a bit differently than the EZ and Wizi twins, price not yet
>announced, but certainly in the range these two cover. It will be even easier
>and faster than the other two programs (if you can believe that) but with a
>couple limitations that may help determine who prefers which package. I'll
>post more about it as info becomes available. Again, the Windows version will
>lag a bit behind the Mac release, so that may be a factor for users in a
>C. David Tobie

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