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Re: refilling tase sorry i though I was posting off list

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Sergei wrote:

> [rafe b:]
> >One camp, led by TomCat, apparently know how
> >to refill and get good results.
> >
> >Then there's the "other" camp that either
> >doesn't dare, or maybe they tried, failed,
> >and gave up.
> there are a few people, in the middle of the battlefield, for whom 
> refilling works 'ok' most of the time with occasional failures. I consider 
> myself one of those.
> First times were a disaster though.

I'm not sure "most of the time" is good enough.

With the (few) prints I've done with Archiva, 
I've seen an effect that I've never seen before,
in 2+ years of working with Epson inks.

I'm refering to what seems to be a variation
in ink-delivery, on one or more primary colors,
along the length of one print.

This is totally unacceptable.

If the ink "drops out" in the middle of a
print, the whole print is ruined.  That could
mean a couple of bucks worth of wasted ink
and paper, not to mention wasted time, 
wear-and-tear on the printer, and frustration
(leading to further wastage.)

And of course, every such "wasted" print brings
you that much closer to refill-time for that cartridge.

"Profiling" under such circumstances is hopeless.

rafe b.

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