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New Here

Hi!  One could have at least let on where to find this list!  I had to go
searching through various email list directories in order to locate it. Then
again I guess Epson didn't help because they never gave mention - I just
knew one had to exist somewhere.

After doing a pile of research I concluded that my best bet for a new
printer would be an Epson Stylus, preferably the 600 line which was, as I
call it, "worst of the best" meaning it met my minimum requirements in a
printer since I could not afford one of better features.  So my wife
splurged and got me a Stylus Colour 660 for Christmas.  I must say, it's
great! Especially compred to the rusty 9 pin dot matrix I used.

I will admit though, the warnings I heard were true - the printer is noisy
for an ink jet (although no worse than dot matrix). Is there a way to make
it quieter?  Other than that I am very impressed. We were even able to
enlarge and print out a copy of our wedding picture on the printer so I'm
delighted in virtually every other way. It's just the sound. Any ideas or
should I just live with it?


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