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Re: Explain This, Please...


In a message dated 00-01-16 13:49:44 EST, youposted

 <<Very inconsistent results on this set
 of refilled carts. (Archiva, 1:9, Epson
 After an overnight wait, I got a clear
 nozzle-check.  Ran two 8x10" prints on 
 Epson photo paper, both are pretty poor.
 It seems that one or more of the inks 
 are sort of varying in intensity along
 the length of the print. >>

First off the cleaning cycles are not all that great for getting the air out 
of your prinheads!

Please look for my posts about the 2 biggest problem all sponge printers have!

You need to start printing color block and radom text this works way better 
than the clean cycles. And you will save a lot of ink

Each clean cycle will drink from 1/2 to up to 3/4 of a CC of ink so you can 
drink a lot of ink real fast!

You need to get to the point where you can weigh the refill you are kidding 
yourself by measureing the volume this does not work at least for me.

Soooooo use the color blocks like 2 pages at a time then run a nozzle check 
if it is air then you will see the gap and skip go way! Radom text also help 
to tease out the air

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