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Re: Pools of blood, sweat & tears

rafeb wrote:
> This is when I started noticing the black ink on
> the nozzle checks.  The ink was pretty deep inside
> the cartridge holder, around the inlet nozzle --
> at least 1/16" deep, maybe more.

I want to reread your post and respond in more detail later.

Oh boy!, (sigh....), once you get a deep flood at the base of the print
head inlet nipples, all bets are off in regards to advice (except "clean
up and try again"). Thank God you didn't get a short (I've been lucky in
escaping several shorts too, after experiencing deep pools). The refill
learning curve has 3 steep parts:

1. Purge air out from the cartridge outlet port.
2. Purge air out from the cartridge sponge.
3. Don't flood the cartridge holder when you insert your cartridge.

If you are using exotic formulations that are difficult to prime add a fourth:

4. Alternate cleaning cycles with some other tricks.

I can restate the first two as:

1&2. Overcome a few Ultra-Fill bugs (eg., rapid septum failure).

I think that you are overcoming steps 1+2.

You are now learning to overcome 3, but some of my previous advice to
you was assuming step #4, never imagining that step #3 was probably the
main culprit.

I don't wish to imply that bottlenecks 1 to 4 in the learning curve are
to be learned in that order. It seems that you are encountering all at
once, while others of us encountered them only one or two at a time. No
wonder your frustration!!

-- Ben Haskell
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