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Re: Batch printing

"Richard N. Moyer" wrote:
> Don't know about Windows, but on a Mac I have done about 10 prints,
> or about one gig of prints spooled to an Epson. Don't have to have
> the application open to do this, but you need PLENTY of available HD
> storage, and more than adequate RAM...

>From Jeremy's original post, I am not sure if he means many copies of
one image, one print each of many different images, or a mixture of
these two. On the mac, the first option doesn't require a lot of hard
disk space. In regards to the first option in Windows, I remember an
extensive debate with the author of Best Color RIP, as to whether lots
of disk space was needed or not. Some folks had to increase disk space
for each copy printed, others knew how to configure Windows to use
(nearly) the same amount of disk space no matter how many copies were printed.

For the other two options, on Mac or Windows, of course, lots of disk
space would be required.

-- Ben Haskell

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