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how to work your local chamber for new customers

 Well guys I am not a member of the chamber of commerce yet. But I went down 
to the local office and found out who the director of services was.

I gave her a 13.5 X 43 inch glossy laminated and mounted ( 1 inch foam) sign 
with Tucson 2000 Gem Show in full text effects color on a jet black 
background They loved it. The sign took 15 minutes to print and my costs to 
make it are about $5.

Oh yes I showed her my glossy laminated photo posters printed on the 1520 she 
was very very impressed. In fact she confirmed what I knew, there is not any 
sign shop in town that can do what I showed her! To say the least she will 
buy my products!

 I have about 25 samples of signs, banners, and posters I have done. The Lute 
Olson photo banners I made last week really does impress folks out here. it 
gives me instant creditiblity! Lute is a really big name in town!

In about 3 weeks Tucson will hold the International Gem show with 40,000 
folks! This is by far the largest event of it's kind in the USA and I think 
the world!

So somebody saw my sign in the director's office (gee what a great place for 
my sign to be at) and I have new  corporate customer not too bad!

Giving away a nice sign to your local chamber is a really good way to get 
into the network, But make sure it is a sign they will like and it has 
something to do with a big event they hold. Trust me this is a good use of 
free display!

Now once they see the signs I make they will want full color photo items that 
only an Epson can make! Window clings, Magnetic car signs, posters , full 
color photo product presentations, and banners just to start. There is real 
$$$$$ in this stuff!

The sign stuff works way better that photo's to open doors! You see they all 
need great looking signs after you deliver the signs they will want all the 
photo stuff too!

Just a tip from Tomcat how to get a ton of new customers with almost no 
effort at all! Hey it sure worked for me!

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