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Re: Refill Woes. Sob. Sniff. Hey it does work if you arewillingtolearn

to: Gerald Olson

In a message dated 00-01-15 16:01:20 EST, you posted

 When you get your refill kit working, if it is EASY to do, I'll sure be
 among the first to buy one. But I really don't understand your
 directions about creating vacuums, etc. You should publish a little
 pamphlet copiously illustrated with step by step instructions. Charge a
 couple bucks for it. You'll sell lots! Let me know when your kit is ready.
 Jerry >>


Thanks Jerry you are on the list!

It is a waste of time for me to try to explain how to refill  I need to make 
a VHS Tape.  

In seconds you can see just how it really works!

And I am not kidding my record for a refill ( 1520 25 CC black cartridge) is 
about 75 seconds not too bad?

I plan to make a tape available with each kit or you can download it??

Hey look I would not be refilling for over 2 years if it did not work!!

I sure learned within the first month that not one firm I asked really knows 
how to refill! They all try that injection crap with a $0.50 syringe and it 
does not work! 

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