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Success w/Archiva & Wizi

Good news for a change!  :-)

Last night's woes simply needed time to
even themselves out.  There's a lesson 
there, no doubt.  Sergios had the right 
idea.  Kick back, do something else for
a while.  Give it a rest.  Thanks to all
who offered suggestions, especially Ben
Haskell, and a tip of the hat to John
Nollendorfs who suggested this ink in the 
first place.  I'm not home-free, but 
good progress has been made.  (Mostly,
I'm *very* relieved that my printer's
not dead...)

This morning's initial prints with my first
working batch of Archiva ink, sans profiles,
were less than optimal.  Everything was a bit
pale and washed out; blacks were a dark 
purple-gray.  Yecch.

Wiziwyg to the rescue!  I'm really impressed 
with how well it handled this mess.  I still 
have the cyan-sky problem, but I know the fix 
for that, un-PC as it may be.  With Wizi, 
my prints so far are hard to distinguish 
from those with Epson OEM ink.

I'm a happy camper.  This is really the 
culmination of what I've been striving 
for...  Thanks again to all who've helped --
even if by only by listening kindly to my rants.

rafe b.

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