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Re: The 1520 Does It Again

--- "Sam A. McCandless" <samcc@compuserve.com> wrote:
> Deborah -
> I liked your web page too and appreciate your sharing this how-to 
> information. Do you also print any complementary stationery or 
> handouts or mailers - postcards, brochures, business cards, etc.?
> I'm also curious to know how you're scanning the watercolors or 
> getting them scanned. I'd like to do that myself but have the 
> impression that it's practical only up to about 12 x 18 - that larger 
> art would first have to be photographed or taken to someone with a 
> larger-than-desktop scanner.

Not necessarily. If you have good command of your image editing program, you
should be able to stitch multiple smaller scanned images into one large image.
I've done this with 11x14 inch prich on my 8.5x11 inch scan bed. You must make
sure the artwork/print is not angled on the scan bed. Else, you'll have to
perform rotations in software to line the sections up. Also, make sure to
capture enough overlapping area in the scans so that you'll have enough data to
do a good job of piecing the sections together.

Of course, owning a tabloid size scanner is faster, easier, and less time
consuming. But results indistinguishable from scans on larger scan beds can be
obtained by stitching sections from a smaller scanner. I guess it depends on
how much larger than letter sized scans will be done. If a lot, then one would
have to look at the Epson 836XL, UMAX Mirage II, Microtek 6400XL, Agfa T2000XL
or similar.

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Mike Greer
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