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Re: The 1520 Does It Again

Did you scan the watercolors to get them into Photo Paint?
Photograph them with a digital camera (a form of scanning)?


Deb0224@aol.com wrote:
> Pam asked how I got prints from watercolors onto the Web--
> I use Photo Paint, which allows conversion to the .jpg format, and I can set
> the amount of compression for each image.  A preview window allows me to
> watch the image gradually deteriorate before my eyes as I increase the
> compression.  The service I used to build my web site had guidelines as to
> the size of .jpg images (there's a  limit to the image space I can have of 12
> mb, total.)  They suggested keeping the .jpgs to "under 40 kb" each.  I
> downsized each full print image in Photo Paint first, (not changing the
> resolution) and then played with the .jpg settings to retain as much image
> quality as possible.  Most of the images are between 35 and 50 kb, but don't
> seem to take forever to load.  I found that my first try resulted in Web
> images that were entirely too "zingy" so I went at it again, adjusting the
> levels for each image until it most closely matched the printed output.  This
> was by far the most tedious part of building the site, but probably the most
> crucial.  (And thanks for the compliment, Pam!)

Pamela G. Niedermayer
Pinehill Softworks Inc.
1221 S. Congress Ave., #1225
Austin, TX 78704
512-416-1440 fax
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