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Re: Refill Woes. Sob. Sniff.

Rafe:  Once again, for the 4th time, actually, I say: Forget third party
inks for any epson printer except the 3000. IT AIN'T WORTH THE HASSLE! 
The colors are NEVER as good as the Epson inks. None of the epson
oem/compatible colors can even come close to printing a gray scale
without crossover, and they usually print the colors way too red. Stick
with the Epson inks, and get them at Buycomp.com or some other place
that sells them inexpensively. 

Maybe when someone finds a good price on a certain epson cartridge from
buycomp. they could post it here. They change the prices weekly at
least. Sometimes they are nearly as cheap as the imitators. (Which all
seem to be made in China, by the way).


I say this because I have actually tried the many epson cheapies and
they were terrible. Totally unacceptable! and I just tried to refill a
black cartridge for the 1200 with Generations Inks. (This is a great
ink, not to be confused with MIS, WE ink, or even Media Street's
oem/compatibles!). IT was a total disaster, just like you experienced.
It looked so easy, according to the directions. It wasn't, and didn't

rafeb wrote:
> Can anyone here offer words of wisdom
> on the proper use of WeInk cartridges?
> This is my first go at using the WeInk
> "UltraFill" kit.  So far, the results
> have been dismal.  I feel like an
> idiot -- a whole evening wasted, and
> nothing at all to show for my efforts.
> It almost looks like my printer is shot.
> Has anyone here used the WeInk carts
> succesfully on one of the small-droplet
> Epsons (eg., 900, 1160, 860?)
> I have yet to get a clean nozzle-
> check frome either of two brand-new
> WeInk carts on my 1160, with Ilford
> Archiva ink.  On the first cart, I
> screwed up...  I forgot to dilute the
> stuff.
> So I made a 2nd cart, properly
> diluted 1:6.  Not much better.
> I threw one of my mostly-empty
> Epson carts back in the machine,
> with some Windex in it to clean
> things up.  That seemed to help
> a bit.  But when I put the 2nd new
> WeInk cart in the printer, it's back to
> square one -- many missing bars on
> the nozzle check.
> Is WeInk known to work on any of these
> small-bore Epsons?  I really don't
> think this is a "clog" -- it's almost
> as if there's just not enough ink
> getting through, from the cartridge.
> I got about 12 cc into each of the
> CMY chambers, and about 22 cc into
> the black cart.  Seemed reasonable.
> I had no trouble with the "mechanics"
> of the refill... just the results.
> And yes, I pulled the tape off the
> vent holes...
> I have spent hours and hours, running
> cleaning cycles, test-prints (color
> bars on cheap paper), nozzle checks,
> etc. and ad nauseum.  It almost looks
> like this printer is busted.  Unfortunately,
> I have no more Epson carts to try in it
> at the moment.
> Comments?  Suggestions?  Mostly, I
> need a shoulder to cry on...
> Sob...  sniff...
> rafe b.
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