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Re: Press Ready Vs Horses

Frank W wrote:
>OK Folks, here we go!
>I want to make my prints, as accurately as possible,>
>I"d love to try some other papers & hope to soon try some archival ink
>My first thought is a profile generating pkg. like Matchlock Profiler
>OTOH - Now that Press Ready is available for the 1200, I'm wondering
>whether it might be a better choice in the long run. 
>Am I trying to make apples out of oranges?


Unless you are
1. printing postscript files
2. printing graphic design stuff with embeded eps files
3. printing with In Design on the MAC  

4. looking for the fastest way to *simulate* SWOP
or other common offset/web press conditions 
with epson inks and epson papers
5. looking to control the 4 (CMYK) inks with channels
and other methods for quadtones, small gamut
or other exotica
You don't need Press Ready. (Apples)

If you want to try non-oem papers
and non-oem inks...
you need profiles... (Oranges)

>Frank also wrote
>Would this capability be useful in dealing with the possible CMYK
archival solutions (like the one J. Cone is testing) for the 6 ink

This is...(Bananas)

Bob O. sending from home.

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