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wiziwyg, ezcolor, horses

Hey CD, or anyone out there who has used all three of these

So, WiziWYG does not allow adding contrast or black
ink...this is a given at this point in time.

EZColor 1.5 shows on their site that the new version DOES
allow bumping contrast and/or black.

The Horses software allows (with the proper package) full
editing of profiles (and for more money).

I have an expression 1600 on order, so I am wondering if the
amount of control I can achieve with EZColor will be
sufficient to handle somewhat difficult papers/inks???  I
mean, lets say Osprey with Generations (which has somewhat
weak blacks).  Or even Classic Velour which prints
beautifully with OEM inks...printed with Generations.  Wizi
just doesn't cut the mustard at this point.  I would rather
not have to develop actions to adjust color/contrast/etc. to
support each paper.  After all, this is what the profiles
are supposed to do.

Wiziwyg, for me, does beautifully on standard papers and OEM
inks, but that is somewhat a no brainer.

I guess my question is:  Will I be satisfied with EZColor
1.5, or should I start making up lies to my wife now to
justify purchasing the PC version of the Horses software
when it arrives?  Really, I guess it is a no brainer.  I
like total control of stuff...so I SHOULD start my campaign
now!  8(

Well, answered my own question.  I thank you for your
support!  8)

I hope somebody visits me in the Nursing Home when I go
crazy and broke, and they throw my butt in there for having


bob snow

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